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As a Christian, what can you rely on?

This week we are finishing up with the book of 1 John where in chapter 5 verses 13-21, we find five things a Christian can rely on. The first thing we can rely on with Christ in our lives is eternal life. Your eternal life in Christ is something no one can ever take away from you. The second thing we can rely on is answered prayer. A childhood friend of mine is attending our church now, and it is such a joy to hear him speak of the way God is answering his prayers. God's answer is not always yes, but it is an awesome feeling to know the Father listens to His children, even if the answer is no. The third thing we can rely on is victory over sin and Satan. We are all in a spiritual battle, and with Christ in our lives we need not fear the devil. The fourth thing that we can rely on is that we belong to God. MacArthur says, "Only two types of people exist in the world according to John; children of God and children of Satan." That's the harsh reality of the world we live in; you either belong to God or the devil. Are you one of God's children? You need to be sure! The fifth thing we can rely on is Christ is the true God. When we understand we can rely on this, all the others are guaranteed. Without Christ there is only one guarantee; eternal separation from God. Your eternity does matter to us. If you do not know Christ, we would love to tell you about Him. We here at Rincon Valley Cowboy Church are heavy on the Church and light on the Cowboy. When it's all said and done, God's not going to check the brand of jeans you're wearing. He's going to ask what did you do for my Son. We take that seriously here at RVCC. Come see us Saturday nights at 6:00PM. We would love to worship with you!

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