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Can Christians habitually sin?

Can Christians habitually sin? According to John the answer's no. What I mean by habitually is a sin we repeat over and over. In 1 John 3:4-10, John gives a detailed explanation of how Christians should, and shouldn't behave. As Christians we cannot habitually sin because sin is incompatible with God’s law. If we say we are Christians and know right from wrong, as recorded in the Bible(God's Law), then it make no sense that we knowingly break that law. John also shows that sin is incompatible with the work of Christ. If we sin, it is against Jesus’ work of breaking the power of sin in the believer’s life. In this passage we see how Christ came to destroy the works of Satan. Satan is still operating, but he has been defeated and, in Christ, true believers can escape his domination. On top of that, sin is incompatible with the work of the Holy Spirit. If we have a new nature in Christ, we have the Holy Spirit living inside us. How can we habitually sin with the Holy Spirit living inside us. We need to look down into ourselves and see if there is some sin that we need to stop doing; some sin we just keep repeating. I thank God for delivering me from the habitual sins I had in my life. I assure you, if you seek Him first, he will deliver you too.

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