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Credit Where Credit Is Due?

I've been studying the end of chapter two in Esther where Mordecai hears of a plot to kill the king, and in the end, saves the king. One of the questions that may come to mind is why didn't the king recognize Mordecai for saving his life at this time? Every one of us have done something at one time or another, worthy of recognition, and received no recognition at all. How does that make you feel? The only motivation some people have for helping others is to be recognized. As a pastor I see so many in my church who work behind the scenes. There are weekly needs that are met by people who never are seen. These people are invaluable! Yet, they could care less if they are recognized for their service, and most of them do not want to be recognized. 

When you begin to understand what it means to serve the Lord, you realize you don't want or need recognition for that service. God knows what you do for Him, and He will reward you for it. For Mordecai it would be five years later for the King to recognize what he had done. Once again this just shows how God is working behind the scenes. What are you doing for God? My wish is that you would join us on Saturday nights at 6:00PM and come to know God in a whole new way! Please join us! 

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