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For A Time Such As This

Do you believe God puts you into places you need to be? When we submit our lives to God it is much easier to understand this. Yes, God is sovereign and can put you anywhere He wants you, but if you let yourself be spirit led, God will put you into places you need to be. Need to be for what? For His Glory! There are times life seems stagnant. There are times our love and service for God seems to be inauthentic. To be quite honest, as a pastor, I have felt this way at times. If we stay the course, however, God will use us and complete His will. Like last Saturday, when one of our youth met me after church and wanted to receive Christ and be baptized. (You just never know) 

So, what about you? Are you serving God first of all? What are you doing for Christ? For God to use you you've got to be willing to be used. God can do great things through each one of us, but most of us are just going through the motions. I've had people leave the church who said God told them to leave to serve somewhere else. The thing I don't get is most of them weren't serving here to begin with. God can use you right where you're at. Who knows, maybe He has you right where He wants you "for a time such as this."

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