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God's Plan Not Ours

I'm running a little behind this week and was late getting this blog posted. I have been doing blogs on what I am going to preach the following Saturday. This week I have gotten behind and wasn't really far along on the sermon. I had an outline and some material for each point, but it was far from over. In addition, I am preaching Sunday at the first church I was ever on staff at. I have a great sermon worked out for Sunday morning on salvation. As I went to my outline for Saturday night, I realized something was wrong. I'm guessing the writing program I use updated, and when I went to look at my sermon it was seven pages of hashtags. #ohno. I panicked at first, but decided to go have lunch with my wife since it is Valentine's Day. On the way to lunch I felt the Spirit of God saying, "I don't want you to rewrite you sermon you started for Saturday; do that next week." The sermon I am doing Sunday is a salvation message (

I guess they all are), and I feel God is telling me someone needs to hear it Saturday night. I never know who or how many will show up on Saturday night, but we also live cast our service on Facebook. God wants someone to hear this message about salvation, and as I have found out in the past, He will get His way. Maybe you're the one that needs to hear this message. Come join us Saturday night at 6:00PM, or like us on Facebook and watch us on your phone or PC. God loves you and so do we. Happy Valentines Day!

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