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Good and Bad Examples

In life we see good and bad examples all the time. The same goes for Christians. Just because one says that someone else is a bad example does not make it so. Lady Gaga, who claims to be a Christian, says that Mike Pence is a bad example of a Christian. So how do we know who is a good example and who is a bad example? Well, we look to what God's word says. This week we will be in 3 John at Rincon Valley, and John gives us some good and bad examples. First, we find a good example in a man named Gaius.  Gaius, according to John, was faithful to Christian truth as well as  sincere and faithful in his daily living.  John also commends Gaius for his hospitality to Christian brothers who came from John to visit the church, even though they were at the time unknown to Gaius. We are to show hospitality to one another as Christians, especially if one is in need of a place to stay. Linda and I have been blessed to house missionaries on a few occasions. Our house is not large, and we don't have a spare bedroom, yet we can always find a place for someone to sleep while they are passing through and serving the Lord. In 3 John, however, we also find a bad example in a man named Diotrephes.  Diotrephes chose to botch John’s intention of helping missionaries either by suppressing the letter or opposing the request before the congregation. He also had threatened the expulsion of any in the church who were considering offering hospitality to John’s emissaries. He evidently did worse than that, but I'll let you read the passage. The point is we can read in scripture that there are "Christians" who are a good example, and those who are bad. What would someone say about you? Do you care? I think it matters 1Peter 2:12. Let's take our examples from people like Gaius, Demetrius (3 John v.12), and Mike Pence. If you have made a mistake take it to the Lord and He will forgive you. His opinion is the only one that truly matters anyways.

And as always, please join us Saturday night at 6:00PM.

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