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Nothing is Impossible with God

Do you believe that nothing is impossible with God? Is that how you live? We can say we worship a God who is in control of all our situations, but many times we live as if we are the ones in control. In Luke 1:16-38 we read a story of a girl who was chosen to give birth to the greatest that ever lived, Jesus. Mary was very young, but more than that, she was a virgin. How can a virgin give birth to a baby? Because nothing is impossible for God. Mary heard some of the greatest words ever from the Angel Gabriel. He told her, "You have found favor with God." Mary was a God fearing girl, who needed saving herself, but believed Gabriel when told she would conceive and have a baby. Even though she believed she still had to ask, "How will this be?" That's a great question! It's certainly not a question out of disbelief, but out of curiosity. As the Angel explained how it would happen, he concluded with "For nothing will be impossible with God." Mary believed it, do you? How is your faith in God doing? I urge you to join us Saturday night at 6:00PM and we will dig deeper into this passage. God is in control, and He is calling to you. The question is, will you trust Him, and respond?

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