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There Are Many Rooms In My Fathers House

In church this week we are going over the passage where Esther is picked as Queen to replace Vashti. One might think that it was a small beauty pageant, but according to Josephus, there were about four hundred women. So what happened to the women that were not picked by Xerxes? They became concubines and could not go home. Can you imagine getting ready for this "contest" of who would be queen, only to find out you didn't make the cut and had to stay in the concubine quarters? It's kinda sad to think about. We read in Esther how these women were prepared for their night with the king, and how it took 12 month just for preparation. I'm certainly glad that when the time comes to receive Christ, He takes us just as we are. In addition, there's no limit to who can answer the call from Christ; there's room for all of us (John 14:2). Is Christ calling you into a relationship with Him today? We would love to help you come to know Him and help you with the greatest decision you could ever make; the decision to become a Christian. If you have questions please call us at 520-404-3380, and as always, please join us Saturday nights at 6:00PM

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