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What are you praying for?

As I sat down today at my desk to finish up my duties for the week, I began to look at our passage for church tomorrow; Esther chapter 7. This has been an exciting series to preach to say the least. I noticed, however, that not only is this chapter the epitome of "you reap what you sow," but it also screams of intercession and doing the right things for others. So... Who or what are you interceding for? Who are you praying for? We live in a world where people are suffering every day. Some of them are immediate family but many are people we don't even know.

-There are babies being killed everyday, but they are not even seen as human by some. A bald eagle's egg has more rights and protection than these unborn children. Pray for these babies.

-We have Christian brothers and sisters over seas who are being killed every day just because of their faith. Pray for these brothers and sisters.

If you are a Christian, both of these issues should concern you to the core. Are you praying for those whose lives could end tomorrow? I certainly hope you are. Take a stand for someone who can't stand for his or her self. June 29, 2019 is Day of the Christian Martyr. In honor of that day we will be watching the movie, "Tortured for Christ" on Friday night June 28th. We would love for you to join us so we can lean more about this travesty and see how we can help. Drinks will be provided, but bring you favorite movie snack. And as always, join us every Saturday night at 6:00PM at Rincon Valley Cowboy Church! 

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