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Whose Opinion Matters?

Easter is over and our church in going back to studying the book of Esther. In chapter five I have noticed something about how people feel when they see others. In one account we see the king seeing Esther when she is not summoned to be near him. If you will remember, Esther was scared to approach the king in fear of him killing her. Quite the opposite happened when her saw her; he was taken back by her beauty. To say the least he was very happy to see her. Is there someone in your life that when you see them you just get overjoyed? Do you believe there is someone out there that feels like that when they see you? The closest I can think of is my kids, when they were little, when I came home from work. Of course I could add my dogs to this list too.  :) Something else I noticed was the anger Haman felt when he saw Mordecai at the king's gate. Now who comes to mind? Is there someone in your life that when you see them you are filled with rage? I certainly hope not, but if there is I can tell you there is a problem with forgiveness in your life. When we fail to forgive someone it doesn't hurt them; it only hurts us. As we continue reading in Esther we see it would have helped Haman immensely had he found forgiveness toward Mordecai. Haman definitely reaped what he had sown. What about when someone sees us, and they are the ones who have anger or un-forgiveness towards us? What can you do about that? Many times nothing. And so here is my question to you, whose opinion of you really matters? Might I suggest only one opinion matters? That is the opinion of God. Friends, not everyone is going to like you. Sometimes it is our fault and sometimes it is theirs, but you can't live your life continually beating yourself up over something out of your control. God's opinion of you is all that matters. Where do you stand with God? Are you one of His children? Do you want to be? We here at RVCC care about God's opinion of you! If you would like to know more about God please join us Saturday nights at 6:00PM. The love of God is all that matters! 

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